Bullet journals

It’s been a while since I last posted, because I tend to write when things are getting very bad. So in a way, these past few months haven’t been too bad overall, and that’s thanks to bullet journalling which helps me notice negative trends before they become a major issue.

In the past I’ve tried to keep journals but got bored each time and didn’t stick with it. But a friend introduced me to bullet journalling:


In a busy modern life, writing pages and pages each day doesn’t always happen. But a quick snapshot, just words or bullet points, is easy to do and I’ve actually stuck to it for 3 months (a new record for me!). For example, November 10th: felt relaxed, productive, happy, I smiled and laughed, had contact with friends. Sometimes there’ll be bad days with suicidal thoughts or a desire to self-harm, but often it’ll be mixed: happy, a bit anxious, a mixture of overthinking and trying to relax.

This has helped me take greater responsibility for my mental health, but as you’ll see in my next post, it isn’t foolproof. Life happens, and no amount of journals can replace the support of friends and mental health services.


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