Dwelling on the past

The Unsung Song


A beautiful, haunting note

Echoes through the stillness,

A lone voice in a deserted place.

The sound travels across the water,

Trees move to the melody,

But no-one hears your song.


Fear and rejection stole your voice

Before you knew it was there.

As the dark hides the light,

So you hide from yourself,

Afraid of who you are,

Not recognising your worth.


Now, a towering fortress surrounds you,

Protection from others,

For silence is easier.

Hidden for so long,

Nobody hears your song,

Just as you no longer do.


I wrote this poem a few years ago, and from time to time go back to it. The words help me connect with how I’m feeling, and even though I’ve been doing well in recent months there are still times when I struggle.


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