Have I brought this on myself?

All those times I feel overwhelmed by anxiety, or drowning in sorrow; a failure in life… Is it my fault? Have I brought this on myself?

If you ask me what my strength is, I would say thinking. And my greatest weakness? Overthinking. My most powerful weapon turns on me, and usually I am to blame. 

This mighty sword has been given to me to yield, yet still I hurt myself. You would think after years of training and injury I would have learned not to do this, to maintain a firm grip, yet my hands slip as the sword grows heavier with each burdensome thought.

If I did not think so much, would I be so anxious? If I did not dwell on the past, would I hurt as much? If I saw myself in a positive light, would I be strong and successful?


2 thoughts on “Have I brought this on myself?

  1. I have been where you are, I knew those thoughts. My mind was my greatest and worst weapon that I could never escape from. My friend has this poster up in her bedroom, “Worrying is a misuse of your imagination.” by Dan Zadra.

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