When a friend takes his life

What trouble was tormenting your soul? So many times I thought you were doing well, because you said you were. Is there anything I could have said, or done? Is there any way I could have changed the outcome of your struggles?

An emptiness has filled me; disbelief that you are no longer with us. I find myself desiring to send you a message, in the hope that maybe you aren’t gone and I’ll receive a reply. I begin to think of the next time I might see you, but then I remember.

I’m not angry with you, nor do I think your decision was selfish. You were hurting, and could see no way out. I understand the irresistible pull of that bridge, how it can feel like a solution. I’ve been there.

That cheeky smile, carefree attitude, and caring soul are no longer with us. You were loved by so many; you are terribly missed. I’m sorry that I did not tell you enough how I valued your kindness and your friendship.



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