230 days free of self-harm

Nearly 2 months have passed since I last wanted to go back to self-harming, or had suicidal thoughts. It’s amazing how quickly time passes when it feels as though you’re coasting through life, rather than struggling, and trying to find something positive in each day has made a significant difference to how I feel about myself and life in general. There will still be difficult times ahead, but the victory I have seen in recent weeks has encouraged me that I can and will get through.

When I  consider my previous posts, I see that the majority of them were written in periods of extreme lows, which were balanced by times of great highs. Now, this has evened out. Troublesome issues still occur, but my response is stronger and bolder; I do not become despondent as quickly. Moreover, I now find happiness in places which had previously been overlooked. My emotions have begun to reach a healthy balance, and although there is still work to be done in this area, so much progress has already been made.


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