Why are our best efforts just not good enough for some people? They target the vulnerable, isolate the ones without power to make themselves feel better, and tear you down.

A person in a position of power attempted to partly blame me for a mistake they had made, even when the computer system clearly showed that the fault was theirs and not mine. Before an investigation had been started, this person thought I was to blame. I have never made this mistake before, so why should I be singled out?

Very few things rile me the way injustice does. And yet, in the midst of that, I managed to stand my ground rather than yield to the bullying tactics used by this individual. This proves to me that I have become stronger and more confident in myself, something I have not been able to do previously.


One thought on “Blame

  1. Well done!
    Food for thought ‘ You are now in a better and more and more confident place than the person passing the blame on to you ‘! Show how much you have grown.

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