A smile makes all the difference

This morning, the sky was a reflection of my soul following a troublesome week at work. It was misty, overcast, and miserable. Rain seemed likely, yet there was an element of unpredictability in the air; the norm for British weather. A job I once enjoyed had become challenging. I was weighed down, unable to see the light in the midst of this storm of life.

However, this morning a friend encouraged me by saying how much I had blossomed since she first met me 2 years ago. I felt my spirits lift at her words and generous smile, for it was just what I needed to hear. I have to live with myself every day, and so changes in my life are more obvious to other people than they are to me. Sometimes I need to be reminded that even though I will still stumble, I am changing for the better.

A smile and kind words cost nothing, yet they can make all the difference.


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