Do I have value?

After a year of undoing the lies that have been spoken over me since childhood, how could I let another person define who I am? Why does their opinion even matter? Having seen the deleterious effects of low self-esteem, what is this person to me, that I have allowed them to influence the very core of my being?

Your opinion alone should determine my course. You know everything about me and understand me fully, yet accept me as I am. Your love for me exceeds that of all others, and I am of immeasurable worth to you. Is that not enough? Why do I seek the supposed acceptance of others, when I already have all I need?

I cannot continue living under a heavy cloud of low self-esteem, my worth being determined by others who do not know or understand me. They are not in control of my life, yet I have allowed their words and actions to affect me. I am bound to them, like a slave to a chain. Break these chains, remove the dark shadow; that I might smile freely once more.


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