Amusing marriage proposal

This past week anxiety has been a struggle for me, and as a result I kept questioning whether I was loved and valued. In situations like these I find it helpful to remember positive events, things for which I am thankful, and amusing moments. The following is an actual conversation I had over WhatsApp, with a friend I met on holiday. Unfortunately, he was being completely serious:


New Year’s Day

Christopher: Hey sweetheart, I wanna married you. Will you married me?

Me: That’s very flattering, but also very sudden!

Christopher: I am serious.

Me: But we’ve only really seen each other twice. This comes as a bit of a surprise.

Christopher: I love being with you. Is just a matter of time. Okay?

Me: (thinking ‘NO THIS IS DEFINITELY NOT OK!’) You’re a nice guy and good looking, but I don’t feel so comfortable thinking about marriage. Sorry 😦

Christopher: Why?? The earlier the better. Okay?

Me: I don’t want to rush into something, especially as important as marriage.

Christopher: But do you love me?

Me: I like you as a friend, but love is a very strong word of commitment. Especially when we haven’t known each other that long.

Christopher: How can we know each other when we are not living together?

Me: This is very long distance between you and me and I’m not sure it would work.

Christopher: It’s not a big deal. You can still come over for holiday.

Me: A bit unconventional! You should find someone close to you, who you can see all the time. I can’t give you that, sorry.

Christopher: We can still do that if you come over for holidays or I come over to you? Okay?

Me: I’m really not comfortable with this.

Later that evening….

Christopher: I’m in my room, alone. What are you doing right now? Or where are you?

Me: Home, and going to bed soon.

Christopher: Same. I’m hot for you. I wish you were with me, I just feel like kissing you. Dis nite.

Me: Erm… This is getting awkward, because there is someone back home who I like. And I’ve known him a while.

Christopher: He doesn’t love you the way I do. Send one sexy picture of you right now to me.

Me: Sexy? Haha I’m not sexy.

Christopher: Who told you that? You are my African queen. *sends picture of blowing a kiss*

Me: It’s still no.



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