Amusing marriage proposal #2

Remembering the amusing marriage proposal described in the previous post ( reminded me of the following story, with a different guy.

This is a conversation I had with a friend while in a coffee shop. We were both students, and I’d known him for 5 months.

Jon: I like you because you have an interest in the world around you, you’re intelligent, and I can have easy conversations with you.

Me: *listening and wondering where this is going*

Jon: OK, Grace, the reason I wanted to meet with you today. I have something personal I need to tell you. *pauses*

Me: OK, I’m listening.

Jon: I love you, and if I wasn’t already married I would have proposed to you by now.

Me: Wow, that is… I don’t know what to say to that. *awkward pause*

Jon continues, undeterred…

Jon: I haven’t had my eye on anyone else since coming here. Only you.

Me: *smile and nod politely*

Jon: So if I wasn’t married, and we had been dating, what would you have said? If I asked you to marry me?

Me: *trying to be diplomatic* I don’t know.

Jon: I got married 8 days before coming to uni because I know what I’m like. I was scared I would fall for somebody here.

Me: Erm… right.

Jon: Maybe you can help me. Like give me advice to help me with my marriage?

Me: *thinking ‘How about not considering an affair’*

Me: I’ve never been married so I don’t think I’m the right person to give you advice in this area.

Jon: Well we can still be friends, right?

Me: I guess, but we should be careful.

As we’re leaving…

Jon: Let me give you a hug.

Me: *quickly walk away from the situation, with no hug*


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