I have a reason to live

The world is clear and bright, as though I see it for the first time. The dark shroud has been lifted, and the night is ending. The power of music and words, that they could lift my spirit.

I am filled with hope. There is a brighter tomorrow, and I have a reason to live. I do have something to offer; my talents have value. How amazing, that I am capable of creativity. Ideas come to me, like a river coursing over the rocks. Inspiration has filled me and given me a clear view of the path ahead.

Why should I lead a restless, empty life when I have you by my side? When anxiety dies, peace takes its place, and with that comes inspiration; a new lease of life. I am capable of so much more than I have already achieved, but until recently I had forgotten this.

For a long time my abilities remained hidden; they were unknown to all, especially myself. Through the encouraging words of friends, you helped me realise my potential.


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