Something negative becomes something positive

You make all things work for my good. Until recently I did not know how this would occur, or what it would look like. A sudden flash in the air, a magical feeling perhaps, or an encouraging remark from a friend. It was none of these things. Instead, it was a new hobby that turned the negative into something positive. For as always, your ways and your thoughts are higher than mine. I see and understand in part, but you see the whole picture, like a mere drop versus the entire ocean.

For a long time I was ashamed of my self-harm history, and would only mention it if I deemed it necessary; even then I was reluctant and very hesitant. Fear gripped the heart whilst waiting for a response. Would it be acceptance despite my weakness, or would I be disparaged, even shunned? But you gave me wisdom to speak to the right people, who loved me and cared for me.

What a great change this is! You ignited a desire for a new hobby, cooking and experimenting with food, as a distraction from self-harm and feelings of worthlessness. And through that pastime you have enabled me to work with knives in the absence of any triggers; there remains no desire to cut. That which came against me for harm, you have turned into something positive and good.


3 thoughts on “Something negative becomes something positive

  1. I also suffered from issue with self harm, It’s so wonderful that you are feeling so positive and finding new paths of distraction. I hope everything goes well for you!

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