In the desert

When I think back on my life the sorrow is clearly visible; I see dry river beds, rocky outcrops, and barren plains. The battle fields where so much time was spent. Desolate wasteland, where conditions are harsh and little can survive.

I feel you urging me to look again, more closely, to gaze beyond the sorrow. Eventually I do, and am amazed by the vista before me. So focused was I on the desert, that I overlooked the woodlands full of birds joyfully singing, numerous rivers bringing life, and beautiful meadows filled with all manner of flowers.

The joy far outweighs the pain, if only I take time to consider what you have done. Pondering hurts comes far more easily to me; help me change my natural way of thinking. Remembering pleasant moments, the amusing and delightful moments, takes far longer for they are more numerous than the sad moments.

As I allow joy to fill my consciousness, I feel your healing touch. Memories are being healed, memories that were once overshadowed by pain. When I look back at the deserts, I see rain beginning to fall and new life emerging in places where once nothing could grow. Some rocky places still remain, for that is where you shaped me and made me strong. But in the times where joy was choked by sadness, the beautiful rose of Sharon, the lily of the valley, is replacing thorns.


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