Seeking God


On the mountain, I will praise you, and even in the valley, still I will praise you. I will praise you for who you are; though you are eternal, you receive praise from a mortal. How amazing, how astonishing, that the almighty God hears me.

Through your holy word you lead and guide me; it strengthens my soul and brings excellent wisdom. It brings light, and my countenance is changed. I delight to know more of you, to gain wisdom from you, to hear your voice.

When I seek you, I find you. As I draw near so you, too, draw near to me. You have revealed things to me in the secret place, knowledge that delights my soul. You have shown me things I did not know, and opened the eyes of my understanding that I might comprehend your ways in my life.

Even so, there is so much that I have not grasped. Who can fathom the depths of the work of the everlasting, omniscient One?

Psalm 116:2; Psalm 119:105, 130; Jeremiah 29:13; James 4:8; Jeremiah 33:3.


Normally, I can clearly recall the meaning behind each prayer that I have written, but the circumstances behind this one are not as clear. The past couple of weeks have been positive in general, and it feels like a period of rest after the difficulties during the new year. The good things in my life, the things for which I am thankful, are so much clearer to me now because self-harm and suicidal thoughts are not obscuring my view. I hope this continues beyond just a couple of weeks, given that I feel so much calmer and at ease.


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