I am here


For too long you have desperately searched for freedom; you feel it eludes you still. Yet once more you look across the vast expanse, seeking comfort in solitude, not realising that this desolate place is the reflection of your heart.

Look again across the waters; in the depths, I am there. Gaze upon the forbidding mountains; even in the heights, I am there. Feel the powerful wind and hear the breakers crash upon the rocks; in your fear, I am there. I am here beside you. Turn your eyes from what you see, and focus on me.

I see all things, I see what lies before you. You feel overwhelmed by torment upon torment, and it has become too great a load. I know. Each stabbing pain that you feel, I feel too. Every tear you cry, I see; I cry with you. I am holding you close. Rest in me.

Isaiah 41:10; Isaiah 43:1-2; Hebrews 4:15; Matthew 11:28.


Isolation often feels like the easiest option when life becomes difficult to handle. By shutting myself out from everything around me, I fool myself into thinking that I have temporarily escaped. In reality, however, I have no rest in isolation because a lot of the turmoil comes from a troubled soul. I could hide from myself, but I tried that as a teenager. For 4-5 years I knowingly repressed emotions, which left me very damaged. 9 years on, and I am still recovering. Repairing a broken adult is painful and wearisome; it is time-consuming, and I cannot do it alone.

In the midst of the struggles, however, Jesus has been with me; he felt what I felt, and saw me in the darkest of places. I frequently wish that everything could be gone as though it never existed, but God has been with me and comforted me when I had no hope.



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