My Own Strength Is Not Enough


Having relied on my own strength to pass through the valley, I collapse into your waiting arms, overcome with weariness and sorrow. I am capable of traversing the more treacherous paths, for you have made me stronger through previous battles; however, once again I trusted in my own abilities instead of looking to you.

And still you are patient with me, watching through eyes of mercy and waiting for that precious moment in which I realise that you alone make me strong; that I myself am weak and can accomplish little.

My trust should be in you only, for you have proven yourself faithful and true through the storms of life. You guide me with your light in the darkest night, raise me up following each disappointment and failure, and encourage me with each achievement, be it small or great. For you see each detail of my journey.

Matthew 26:41; Philippians 4:13; Revelation 19:11; Psalm 33:4; Psalm 27:1, 5.


After several good weeks without a single thought relating to self-harm or suicide, I slipped into my old way of thinking and took hold of burdens that should have remained with God. Nevertheless, when I look back I see clearly that I have indeed grown in my faith and trust in God, and am more sensitive to his voice. Even though I do still pick burdens up at times, I recognise these thought patterns sooner and can deal with them more effectively.

As I overcome with God’s help, I grow stronger and am capable of dealing with more difficult situations. As a result, temptations have been getting stronger too, but with Jesus’s help it will never be more than I can bear. There have been times when I felt close to breaking point, but God never allows a situation to destroy me.


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