I lift my eyes to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, who is seated in the heavens, enthroned on high. Your might is on display that all creation may bow before you, and give unto you the praise and adoration of which you are worthy. Majestic, clothed in splendour, glorious. How beautiful is our God, a loveliness beyond compare.

Who can proclaim the beauty of Jehovah? Who has seen with their own eyes? Who has known the full extent of his works? Lord, you are unmatched in all your wisdom; you reign over all. The very fabric of the universe obeys you; it was brought into being by the power of your word. All your wonderful works declare your majesty. What can we do, but kneel in reverence?

Revelation 19:16; Psalm 113:5; Psalm 86:9-10; Psalm 96:6; Psalm 40:5; Psalm 19:1.


I love to praise God for who he is. Asking God for things all the time can seem so easy, but I see God work most powerfully when I focus on who he is, rather than what I want him to do for me. I cannot help but praise him for who he is, when I consider what he has done for me: been there for me, given me peace and comfort, sent the right people to me at the right time, answered my questions, guided me, revealed things to me that I need to deal with when the time is right… He has done so much for me, and all the praise I could give would not be enough to repay him.


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