Prepared for Battle


By the blood of the Lamb, I have overcome! You have given me complete victory, and made me a conqueror through Christ. No longer am I bound; now I am free. For in you I have all I need to fight shame from the past, temptation in the present, and anxiety about the future.

All my days are written in your book; my life in the hands of the almighty God. You heal my past, lead me in the present, and prepare me for the future. You have guided and equipped me to stand firm when evil threatens to overwhelm. You have taught me to be shrewd, recognising the insidious way in which the shadow slowly begins to take hold, and encouraged me to find solace in your light that dispels the dark. And how marvellous is that light, from which darkness cannot hide!

Revelation 12:11; Romans 8:37; Philippians 4:13; 2 Peter 1:3; Psalm 139:16; Psalm 18:28-39; Psalm 139:12.


Nothing can be hidden from God, least of all the dark memories that try to lurk in my soul. Thanks to revelations from God, I am now certain that I have all the necessary tools to take a stand, rather than be caught unawares and give in as I have been doing. There will still be times when I am taken by surprise or even overtaken by what seem like distant memories, but it is my hope that the above words will allow me to take a stand. I shall not yield!


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