In His Presence


Indescribable joy, it fills to overflowing as I give thanks for all you have done. A wellspring I cannot contain, it wells up inside me, bringing healing for broken memories.

Your presence surrounds me, it fills me, a pure and holy light that brings life and restoration.

Peace covers me as I draw near to you; in this moment I have rest. All burdens removed, just as you promised through your holy word.

I cry tears of joy at the thought of your great works, and the value you place in the most minute detail of my life. For all is seen by you, and nothing is too insignificant for your attention.

Psalm 28:7; Habakkuk 3:4; Matthew 11:28; Psalm 33:13-15.


God’s presence has brought healing to me on so many occasions. Not yet a complete healing, even though he is capable, but gradual so that I learn to trust him more. If he did heal me instantly, would I be like the nine lepers who left without thanking Jesus? Seeing his gentle, gradual work in me has increased my trust and reliance on him, and I am so much more thankful for what he has done than I would be had God healed me instantly.

It is only in God’s presence that I find true rest. I have tried so many distractions to ease the pain, but the rest and peace of God surpass anything I try in my own strength. Time and again, I fall back to my old way of thinking rather than relying on God, yet each time I seek him he lovingly bestows his peace upon me.



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