Carried in your arms, covered by your wings, surrounded by your love. All traces of weariness removed, the darkness dispersed, the burdens lifted. Once more I smile freely, rejoicing at your touch, completely at rest. Your peace is guarding me, shielding my once anxious mind from burdensome thoughts. A peace I cannot understand, yet bestowed upon me so willingly as I focus entirely on you.

You are the prince of peace, the bringer of new life, the restorer of my soul, my refuge. In you I find rest; rest from my circumstances, rest from the past, rest from whatever comes against me. How merciful and compassionate you are, to ease my struggles when my strength has failed me, when I cannot see the way, when anxiety clouds my view. You have lifted me up on wings of an eagle, to gracefully soar in the wind of your spirit.

Isaiah 46:4; Psalm 91:4; Matthew 11:28-30; Philippians 4:6-7; Psalm 46:1; Psalm 103:8; Isaiah 40:31.


God knows what we need, and following the suicidal thoughts described in ‘Dark Paths’, I needed rest to recover from what was a continual onslaught. Since beginning this journey, I have never known such peace and rest in each area of my life. With my focus more on God than my circumstances, I began to learn so much more about how to recognise the things that trigger the negative emotions, and how to respond effectively.


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