My heart knows what it wants, but you know best. Yet would it be possible, just this once, to be granted this desire? A mark of impatience, perhaps, but having waited for so long it is difficult to prevent the heart from overruling the mind. How I long for this to come into being, a request by no means unreasonable, a task simple for you to accomplish.

Still, I pause to consider: you love me and know what is best for me, and withhold no good thing from me. That which you have preordained will occur at the proper time, and it will be so much greater than could possibly be conceived by human intellect.

Psalm 84:11; Isaiah 14:24.


Currently, various aspects of my life require patience: hearing from God, emotional healing, changes at work, and so forth. This prayer is a yearning for a relationship after being single for so long, and it’s so easy to become impatient at the slightest promising indication. There are a number of areas that require work and healing before I am ready to commit, and yet…. Any chance of some progress, Lord?


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