My Only Hope


Giving praise and thanks is one of the last things I want to do. Chest heaving, tears falling, head bowed, pain threatening to engulf me. I know you are my strength, my comfort, my counsellor, but I don’t feel it.

Instead, I feel the blackness of despair, the dull ache of lost hopes and shattered dreams. But sitting here surrounded by this maelstrom of thoughts sinks me ever deeper into a pit of hopelessness, a miry pit from which I cannot escape.

Having exhausted all other options, I turn to you, the one thing I ought to have done from the beginning. Why, when you are the source of light and life, do I see you as a last resort?

You are so much greater, so much more powerful, than I could ever comprehend. Your goodness surpasses all things, and it extends to me. On my own, I am worthless and can do nothing, but through Christ I can do all things.

Isaiah 9:6; Isaiah 41:10; John 1:4; Jeremiah 10:6; Psalm 23:6; Philippians 4:13.


Praising God is easy when life is going well, but it is during my darkest moments that I need him most. Too often I dwell on painful memories and focus on the situation, rather than looking to God who is so much bigger than any circumstance.


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