Accepting Loss

I still have your number, saved in my phone. If I text or call I’ll get no answer, and yet I don’t delete it. You’re on Facebook too, your account still active, but I know I won’t hear from you. A birthday reminder appears on social media, and I can just about ignore it. But … Continue reading Accepting Loss


6 days to decisiveness – a mindfulness challenge

A few weeks ago I came across this site: It's by Andrea Featherstone, who emails you a new video for each day of the challenge. Although it's aimed at being more decisive, I found the techniques and advice in these videos helpful for lowering my stress and anxiety levels, and I generally feel better in … Continue reading 6 days to decisiveness – a mindfulness challenge

Relapsing after months of improvement

Night Sky   The day draws to a close As night begins to fall, Heralded by night time’s chorus. Shafts of moonlight pierce the dark, Only to be hidden by clouds Moving, so gently, in the cool breeze. Dark, quiet, and empty, Not a thing disturbs the silence. As you gaze at your surroundings, you … Continue reading Relapsing after months of improvement